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Sixth Form is a time for change, an opportunity to really focus on the subjects you are interested in, with the hopes that these will lead to your desired university course. Therefore it is important that you choose to attend a sixth form that offers the subjects that you are looking for. Here at Rochester Independent College we offer over 40 subjects at A-level and students are not confined to option blocks, often found at other schools, that may prevent you from taking certain subjects together. This flexibility means we can offer an individual approach to sixth form studies that will suit you. You are also not tied into the subjects you pick over the summer, as we are very happy for you to have taster sessions in subjects you may not have tried before, allowing you to be certain of your choices prior to settling in for the 2 years of work that A-Levels entail.

So you may have considered changing school for your A-Levels but have you thought about the option of attending a boarding school? Did you know the average school commute in the UK is 2.4 miles and the average journey time traveling by car is 18-19 minutes. However if you need to catch public transport or are walking this time is considerably more, when you factor in delays such as traffic or a missed connection you are looking at a large portion of your time being taken up by getting to and from school. This time could be used more productively and you would gain back this time by boarding where school is only steps away from your bedroom. Extra time to yourself can be used to study, either in the classrooms or your bedroom. Iit could mean that you no longer have to get up to an early alarm, allowing you to feel more rested in the morning and therefore allowing you to be more engaged in your lessons. In the evenings it gives you more time as well, allowing for you to make an earlier start on any homework or class projects. Here at RIC if you feel you need extra support with work outside of the classroom we offer a study club where you can work alongside others, or you can meet with a resident tutor in the evenings who will be able to give you guidance. Many of our boarders are actually from Kent, London and the surrounding counties.

We offer single room boarding within our historic buildings and many of our rooms are ensuite. This means that you will have your own dedicated space that you are welcome to make your own. It allows for a quiet space in which you can study without interruptions. Our boarders have described RIC as ‘a home away from home’ with a ‘welcoming, safe and friendly’ environment where ‘community’ is key. You will be surrounded by like minded students who are also focused on their studies and want to achieve their best. Our small class sizes (average of 8) allow for a personal touch to your learning, with teachers able to help you individually with aspects of the syllabus. Making RIC more friendly is the fact that staff and students are on first name terms. We have an open door policy, meaning that if your teacher is free you are welcome to ask them questions regarding your subjects and they will be more than happy to help you. The same goes for our boarding staff, we have a boarding hub where you can always find a friendly face who is willing to listen to any concerns you may have. Find out more about how our students describe boarding at RIC in this short video.

Being in boarding allows you to be with like minded peers, other students who have come to the College looking for a new environment in which to study. Being with others who are interested in their subjects and being able to meet up with them in the evenings to study encourages collaborative working and keeps you interested and motivated. It also gives you the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities you may not have thought of, which would in turn enhance your experience of attending the College. Our boarding students enjoy trips to the Theatre, GoKarting, local sports venues; as well as trips to historic sites around the UK such as Hever Castle, Dover Castle and Brighton Pavillion to name a few. Not only do the trips give those students joining from abroad a taste of what the UK has to offer, but it also broadens understanding of syllabuses and if related to a specific subject, broadens their knowledge in a certain area.

Your wellbeing is important to us here at the College and we have two dedicated wellness spaces, one in the boarding common room and another taking advantage of the peacefulness of our college garden. We also have an onsite nursing team, an independent listener and a school counsellor, all of whom are here to ensure you are feeling your best. Of course any member of staff would also be happy to help as we maintain a close knot friendly atmosphere, allowing everyone to feel at home and be themselves. Boarding here is like a stepping stone to university. It gives you a sense of living independently whilst also knowing there is a team of staff available to give you pastoral and academic support as required. If changing schools is something you are looking at for sixth-form, perhaps also consider boarding as it will give you a bigger sense of change and allow you to grow as an individual, better preparing you for the next step in your academic journey.

If you want to talk to someone about their experiences boarding with us here at the College as well as more about the courses on offer, try chatting to one of our student ambassadors. They would be happy to speak to you and answer any questions you might have about life here at RIC. You can also see pictures they have been posting of their time here to get a glimpse into life at the college. Why not chat to them now? Or explore our dedicated RIC boarding site.

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