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National Offer Day 2021 in Kent and Medway

National offer day was Monday 1st March with parents finding out the secondary school allocations for their children in Kent and Medway.

There is then a narrow window until the 31st of March in Medway and until the 16th March in Kent in which places must be accepted or rejected. Requests to join waiting lists and appeals must also be submitted by this deadline.

Peter Read is a leading educational advisor and his guide to navigating year 7 school choice at local schools is available here.

For parents who are unhappy with the allocated school choice exploring private school 11+ options might be an option. There are a range of non-selective independent schools in Kent and Medway that offer places for children in year 7, including Rochester Independent College.

"This school is exceptional. Teachers are amazing and interested in their pupils and subjects which shows. Discussion of all view points is encouraged in lessons. I cannot speak high enough of its whole ethos" CURRENT PARENT

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Private School in Rochester

Reasons to choose RIC

• Academic rigour and outstanding results

RIC is a non-selective school that achieves remarkable results, placing the College in the top 2% of schools in the UK.

• Small class sizes not exceeding 12

With class sizes this small, our teachers are able to understand each individual and ensure that every voice can be heard. We have 24 year 7 places each year.

• Wide range of subjects both academic and creative within a flexible curriculum.

This academic and creative blend enables all students to discover their strengths and develop their talents.

• Enriching and nurturing environment

Our experienced and caring staff provide unrivalled support for our students, as well as offering a host of invaluable experiences outside of the classroom.

Co-Head of Lower School Leighton Bright says: "To enable any child to thrive at school it is vital that they feel like a valued part of the school community; that they are not simply a number on a spreadsheet or a name on a database. At Rochester Independent College, for example our students and teachers enjoy a truly unique relationship – both are on first name terms and there is a relaxed dress code, which breaks down some of the barriers commonly found in schools between adults and children.

A good teacher will strive to teach the individual rather than the class. In this atmosphere of mutual respect, students are made to feel comfortable when stretching their academic potential and are not afraid to make mistakes in their work."

Rochester Independent College Admissions

Kent has the UK’s most grammar schools and their presence shapes the educational experiences of both the children who win places at them and those who don’t. At RIC we welcome everyone who has the desire and motivation to excel, not just those who have passed the 11+.

We offer a fresh alternative to local children looking for a distinctive and happy secondary education in a small group environment. A broad curriculum is taught in an atmosphere designed to make the transition from primary to secondary school less intimidating than is often possible at a larger school.

Taster Day (Year 7) - 29th April 2021

Book a Place

This is an opportunity for families with children in year 5 or 6 to experience a typical day at our Lower School . Visiting children will attend a mixture of academic and creative lessons in a very small group as well as staying for a home cooked lunch. We hope that this experience will give prospective year 7 students an insight into what it is like to be a student in the Lower School at RIC.

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