Transition from year 6 to year 7

We all go through stages of transition in our lives, whether that be between jobs, moving home or in our relationships with each other. Stepping up from primary to secondary can be one of the biggest of these. For many it is the first time we take responsibility for ourselves: checking homework diaries, packing the right books, finding the right lesson, getting ourselves too and from school. The primary education system builds up organisational and social skills with structured routines and a nurturing environment. Stepping into a secondary school can often then feel chaotic, confusing and scary by comparison.

Here at RIC we aim to bridge these two worlds.

Our objective with Year 7 is to provide a nurturing environment that encourages our students to step out of their comfort zones, establish new relationships and develop their independence. It is important to recognise that our students are individuals and will each have different interests and priorities. We ensure that students feel comfortable discussing their worries and successes with staff. Whilst simultaneously put systems in place to enable students to adjust to their new environment, routines and expectations. This transition is not time-bound, some make the adjustment rapidly, whereas for others it can be an ongoing process with many peaks and troughs. Throughout this process communication is key, between the form tutor and teachers, students and parents.

Over the past year, with disruption and uncertainty surrounding aspects of education, supporting students’ social skills and wellbeing across this transition is paramount. Considering this we incorporate ideas such as having a growth mindset and being role models to others into our pastoral programmes. Additionally, we are considerate of the reality that students have had different experiences leading up to starting their secondary journey. Therefore having regular check ins with students enables us to ensure that they are managing and adjusting effectively in their new setting. Through empowerment, expectation and communication we are able to facilitate relevant support for an individual at their level.

Ben Garton, Senior Form Tutor and Head of Year 7 Transition

Children have joined year 7 at RIC in recent years from schools including St Andrew's Rochester, Cobham Primary, Steep Hill, Delce Academy, King's Rochester, Trinity School Rochester, Sutton Valence Prep, Bryony School, Gad's Hill , Bishop Challoner, Solefield, St Joseph's Convent, Discovery School.

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